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About me

Hi there! I am Teresa, midwife and founder of Mami To Be . My mission is to offer maternity support services based on close and individualized attention, where you are the true protagonist of this story, because each woman has unique and different needs that must be listened to and respected. It is important for each woman to know the essential information regarding pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium in order to be able to choose what best suits her and her family.


Here you will find some more information about me so that you know me a little better ...


I studied nursing at the Complutense University of Madrid, where I finished in 2008. After several years working as a nurse in various hospitals and emergency services in Madrid (Clinico San Carlos, Ramón y Cajal, Ruber Internacional ...), I went to England to achieve my dream of being a midwife, where I trained 8 years ago at the City University of London.  


Already as a midwife, I worked for several leading hospitals in UK in either NHS (National Health Service) and private hospitals such as The Portland Hospital or The Kensington Wing, and I am fortunate to look after hundreds of families on the path of motherhood in England, a leading country in humanized births, having even been part from a home birth team, where I learned to work in a warm environment, close and away from the rush.


In 2017 I returned to Las Palmas to dedicate to my own maternity, which was a constant challenge and continuous learning for me and ended up teaching me what I had not learned in books. My second maternity in 2020 encouraged that inner desire to create this project, using what my valuable time in England taught me, to offer this quality, personal and close maternity support service, where women and their families are the center of everything.

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